Protect’s services allow for a carefree growth at Kyrö Distillery

Kyrö Distillery is a Finnish company established in 2014. Today, their beverages are sold in dozens of countries around the world and they have won several different international prizes. Corporate safety company Protect has been an invaluable asset in making sure that Kyrö Distillery has managed to comply with all the legal requirements of producing alcoholic beverages.

The actual distillery is located in a region of Isokyrö. It has been built into the premises of an old dairy.

– When we were starting the business, it was quite uncommon for the Finnish authorities that somebody was building a new distillery. Therefore, we needed a lot of know-how on how to take all the legal requirements into account. This is where Protect came in, Miko Heinilä, the Distillery Manager tells.

Kyrö Distillery warehouse

PRO24 – all-in-one SMS

An integral part of the partnership has been Protect’s safety management system PRO24. It integrates a wide range of safety tools into one software. PRO24 provides features that help with, for example, risk assessment, HR management, deviation management and rescue plan preparation.

– We use PRO24 to do document management on security matters and safety in general, Heinilä says.

A partner that can be trusted

The biggest benefit of the partnership with Protect is the fact that with their help, Kyrö Distillery is able to comply with all the legal regulations it needs to take into account to keep the business running and growing. When asked what is the best individual trait of Protect, it doesn’t take Heinilä long to come up with an answer.

– The best aspect of our cooperation with Protect is the fact that we can trust them. Whenever we have had any challenges, I have known that they can help us. They offer us the assistance we need and the assistance is always of top-notch quality, he concludes.

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