Preparing documents

We prepare various management-related documents for companies and organisations. In most cases, the starting point for the preparation of documents is the need to comply with legislation, but, increasingly often, documents are also being prepared as part of the general preparation of companies or as required by their management system.

At Protect, the preparation process is smooth, and the result reflects regularity, experience, and expertise. We always take account of the specific needs, circumstances, and goals of each customer when preparing the documents. Our aim is that the documents are, principally, prepared for the customer and take account of the requirements of the authorities and applicable standards. This ensures that the customer receives a document that meets official requirements, as well as information that genuinely develops the company’s operations and enables better preparation for exceptional situations.

Documents that have been prepared carefully and take account of the specific needs of the customer enable easier development, monitoring, and maintenance of quality, safety, and management, also in the coming years.

Preparing the documents together with a Protect expert provides an excellent opportunity to develop the management culture of the company. During the process, responsible persons will be given an opportunity to discuss and consider, with experts, various options and opportunities related to quality, safety, and management.

We want to prove, through our process, that documents are not just paper and produce genuine benefits to the management and staff of the company in connection to practical measures.

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Documents are principally prepared for the customer – taking account of official requirements and applicable standards

Preparation of documents as a process

  1. A project plan is prepared.
  2. A Protect expert gets to know the location, based on which an internal audit report is prepared and measures to correct deviations are defined.
  3. A document is prepared based on the collected information.
  4. The observations made during the internal audit and the proposed corrective measures are reviewed with the customer. At this stage, a schedule can be prepared for the implementation of the measures and a responsible person can be specified for each of them.
  5. Protect offers the updating of the documents as a maintenance service. This is a carefree means to ensure that newly prepared documents are kept up to date and updated regularly.