Outsourced manager services

Protect offers companies the opportunity to outsource their manager tasks related to HSEQ functions.

We offer the services of an occupational safety and health manager, HRD manager, quality manager, environmental manager, and safety manager to various sized companies and organisations in a wide range of operating fields. The framework and responsibilities of the manager service are always dimensioned based on the customer’s needs. The outsourced manager works within the company in a self-regulative manner and is often also part of the company’s executive team.

The manager provided to the company by Protect acts as a reliable partner to the customer and focuses on the accurate management and development of matters and on achieving the set goals. Through the manager service, the customer will gain access to the entire expertise capital of our experts. The goals and responsibilities of the service will always be specified together with the customer.

An outsourced manager is an excellent solution when the company’s own resources are not sufficient to fulfil the company’s statutory obligations or to manage HSEQ development projects. Our service is also excellently suited to situations where the aim is to acquire, within the company, new perspectives or expertise that extends over sectoral boundaries. Our manager service offers sparring that serves as a driver and speeds up the company’s development.

An outsourced manager can step in when the business operations are facing rapid changes, even at short notice. Protect guarantees its customers systematic services, in which understanding the business operations of the customer and the operating methods of the organisation have a key role.

An outsourced person brings into the company‘s operations up-to-date expertise and factual knowledge, and can act as a neutral party in decision-making, providing an objective perspective. As an external expert, he or she brings stability into the making and implementing of decisions and solutions.

An outsourced manager carries the responsibility and manages his or her tasks independently, whilst Protect ensures the continuity of the service.

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With HSEQ expert service, you will gain access to the expertise of our entire team at the same time.

Protect’s outsourced manager services in a nutshell

  • Protect’s outsourced manager services include: occupational safety and health manager, HRD manager, quality manager, environmental manager, and safety manager
  • The service is dimensioned based on the needs of the customer
  • The manager assumes responsibility and is often also part of the company’s executive team
  • The manager is familiar with the company’s strategy and operational activities, and works to promote them
  • The manager works in a self-regulative manner inside the company, sparring and supporting HSEQ development work
  • The manager is familiar with the legal recommendations of regulations and standards
  • The manager supervises, advices, and instructs in practical implementation
  • The manager acts as a fair partner of the customer