Protect’s story

Pertti Salo’s entrepreneurship has its roots in the rescue services. His greatest dream came true when he and his colleague Jorma Korpela started to provide consultancy services in fire safety as entrepreneurs.

The prevention of accidents became Salo’s passion in life through private business operations, once the demand for the services began to grow. The current company was established in 2008. Salo started as its CEO when the ownership base was extended and operations became more diverse. Korpela retired in 2015. Protect is a 100% Finnish company.

Salo’s belief that all accidents can be prevented is strongly reflected in Protect’s operations. Prevention must be rooted in practice in an understandable manner so that all parties know what is being done and why. Once safety is controlled and systematic within the company, it has a direct impact on the wellbeing of individuals and the result of the business operations.

Protect’s operations are founded on the requirements laid down in legislation, which are applied to serve the operations of companies in the best possible manner.

Protect does this through expertise, practical and concrete measures, and diplomatic leadership. A people-centred approach, listening to the customer, and seeking for solutions that truly benefit the customer have enabled the growth of Protect into a leading company in its field.

The staff is a resource of the company that reflects its passionate approach to helping the customer. Continuous improvement in cooperation with the team and becoming inspired together with the customer produce better solutions each time.

We plan safety and quality related solutions that genuinely benefit the customer and minimise risks. Our services enhance the wellbeing of people and the productivity of the company.

Safety, and quality

We are a forerunner and a leading partner in services that relate to safety and quality. When safety and quality are made a norm, everyone wins. We have received ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certificates for our systematic work to develop our operations.

Our policies

  • We want to be the most important key partner to our customers
  • The staff is our key resource, and the wellbeing and safety of our staff are key factors in securing the success of our company
  • Expertise in business operations and the operating environment and innovativeness ensure more responsible solutions
  • Our aim is to grow and develop both in different operating fields and geographically
  • The quality of the services is ensured through smooth internal processes
  • The up-to-date PRO24 ERP system that is being developed constantly creates the best preconditions for developing business operations


The basic idea of Protect is to provide to the customers, through expert services and the PRO24 system, efficient solutions that enhance the profitability and safety of business operations, and secure the continuity of operations. Both the expert services and the PRO24 system support the aim of companies to become more responsible and to promote operating models that are profitable from the environmental point of view. The PRO24 system enables instructions, models, and practices to be made available to the staff easily in an electronic form. Uniform assessment methods and various clear functions than can be added to the system, among others, help companies ensure that their staff and partners are treated in an equal manner, which, for its part, enable the basic principles of responsible operations to be maintained.

Protect also wants to be a forerunner in its own operations. The electronic tools of the company allow the staff to work anytime and anywhere. Regular remote working and the use of remote conference tools enable the company’s sustainable development commitment, based on which it will reduce the traffic emissions and carbon footprint of its operations. The staff is seen as consisting of individuals, and to enhance the wellbeing on the staff, the company has set significant goals, such as, e.g., the development of expertise and early intervention, and has adopted various concrete operating models in order to achieve these goals. In addition to the above, the company’s basic functions have been built on digital platforms, which enables, for example, minimising the generation of paper waste and designing the facility solutions in an effective manner.

SK Protect Oy

  • Established in 2001
  • 100% Finnish
  • Five offices: Kokkola, Helsinki, Tampere, Pietarsaari, Oulu
  • 31 staff
  • Turnover: approx. 2 million euros

Protect’s values

  • Independency
  • Wellbeing of the staff
  • Reliability
  • Customer-orientation
  • Expertise

Our values guide all our operations