Protect is known as a forerunner and a leading partner in the production of HSEQ services both in Finland and in the neighbouring countries. Protect was founded on a passion to prevent accidents, develop operations, and enhance the wellbeing of people.

Our services cover documentation, trainings, and expert services related to safety, quality, and environmental management. These services are supplemented with the PRO24 management tool that our company has developed. Protect has offices in Kokkola, Helsinki, Tampere and Pietarsaari, and it employs 29 people. A subsidiary started operations in Tallin in spring 2020.

Are you looking for work that has a meaning?

Do you think of yourself as an expert, or do you want to become one? We are interested in people who have a degree or special expertise in a certain field that serves as a foundation of their expertise. You should also have several years of practical experience of working for companies or organisations, or as an official. Alternatively, you can be a newly graduated job-seeker with a passion for your chosen field.

In addition to expertise, the salesperson or the marketer in you should be triggered when you talk about matters that are close to your heart. You need to be good at interpreting the law and able to turn complex matters into understandable entities ā€“ and also like doing it. You must be interested in helping others and enjoy doing things together. It should be important to you that your assistance benefits the customers and colleagues in practice.

An independent and systematic approach to working and doing things is a precondition for succeeding at your job. For this reason, you must enjoy the fact that there is no one constantly breathing down your neck and asking about your work. You get things done, stand behind your work, and are not scared to ask for help when you need it. You must enjoy the company of people and feel at home in an industrial facility, as well as in close negotiations in a conference room setting. You must understand the significance of humour and know when it is appropriate.

Do you dare to roll up your sleeves and take a leap into the unknown from time to time? This will also be a benefit, as learning new things will give you a suitable amount of challenges and goals. You listen in order to understand, because you want to be able to answer the right questions. You must also be able to adopt a firm approach, where required, in order to get things going.

Do you feel that you have not yet been able to truly show what you can do? We at Protect offer you an opportunity to do so. Send an open application to and tell us why Protect would be a suitable workplace for you and what kind of expertise you can offer us.


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You are a service-oriented expert who is inspired by customer service work.

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