Development of expertise

The expertise of the staff has a direct impact on the result of the company. Skilled staff acts in the right manner and is able to steer the development of the company’s business operations in the right direction.

Protect’s expertise development services are based on careful groundwork and realisations of the management. When the management understands the main aspects related to the key issues of the company, they become inspired and are ready to give their continuous support and sufficient resources to the development of the expertise of the entire company.

Understanding is at the core of expertise development – the fact that everyone in the company understands what is being done and why. When everyone is on an equal footing, it is possible to start the expertise development work. When an equal platform is in place, it is possible to implement development that generates profits for the company.

The process starts with an assessment of the current situation

At Protect, the development of expertise starts with an assessment of the current situation. When the current level of expertise is known, it can be determined what kind of development of expertise is needed. The development of expertise can be continuous improvement and the learning of new things, but, often, it is also a statutory requirement, the maintenance of which requires systematic efforts.

Comprehensive development of expertise is conducted on various levels. When the current situation has been assessed, the need for different levels and volumes of training can be specified. Once this has been done, the goals and concrete plans will be prepared.

A model for managing the development of expertise

Once the current situation has been assessed and the goals are clear, the company can step onto the path of expertise development that has been created by Protect. This model has been developed for companies to make the practical implementation of their expertise development as easy as possible.

The path of expertise development enhances the manageability of this development and provides a systematic approach to it. It ensures that the entire staff of the company is given basic and advanced knowledge in their areas of responsibility in an equal manner, as well as knowledge and expertise that facilitates continuous improvement.

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Expertise development path at Protect

The basic level goal is that the person who has completed the training knows how to use information in their work tasks and understands the concept and its basic principles.

To whom?

Employees and office personnel, who will be provided with basic knowledge on the topic.


The advance level goal is that the person who has completed the training is able to apply information in new situations and to analyse data. They will also be able to break down the entity into smaller pieces and understand the relationships between these pieces.

To whom?

Advanced training provides in-depth knowledge in the topics addressed on the basic level course for responsible persons, supervisors, and process owners. It provides the skills to adopt tools that enable continuous improvement.


The goal of the continuous improvement level is that the person who has completed the training is able to follow and combine existing knowledge and operational indicators in a manner that supports decision-making. They will also be able to assess the current operating method and develop the company’s operations in a goal-oriented manner.

The training includes an event, during which a Protect expert will mentor each participant or their organisation in relation to continuous improvement (1h). The mentor relationship supports focusing on expertise and can also be continued after the training.

To whom?

The efficient adoption of continuous improvement tools is aimed at responsible persons, experts, and process owners.

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