Modern information management enhances the safety management of Lapland Hotels

Lapland Hotels Ltd trusts the PRO24 system in the management of its safety documents. The company is especially pleased with the smooth updating and sharing of documents between units and also outside the organisation. Protect’s customer service deserves a special mention.

Lapland Hotels Ltd is part of a larger group in the tourism sector, the focus of which is Lapland. The company runs over ten hotels, five skiing centres, and tens of restaurants in Lapland. In addition, it owns five city hotels all over Finland, including Helsinki and Rovaniemi.

Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara is located in Rovaniemi, roughly ten kilometres from the Arctic Circle. The hotel manager Mira Söderlund is proud about the entity:

– We have a total of 71 rooms, most of which include a sauna. Last year, our restaurant Sky Kitchen & View was rated among the 50 best restaurants in Finland.

From a physical file to a digital file

Lapland Hotels use Protect’s PRO24 system for its safety management. As the chain spread throughout Finland, the storing and management of documents became difficult.

Previously, safety documents were printed and stored in a physical file, which was relatively difficult to maintain, and sharing the documents between units was a challenge. The demands of cooperation partners have also increased over the years, creating the need to share materials outside the organisation.

Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara vastaanotto

Documentation enhances safety

PRO24 currently serves as a safety file. Now all documents are stored in the same place. Other features that make the management of the documents easier have also been taken into use over the years. In addition, safety documents can be easily accessed by the entire staff and the responsibility for updating the information is shared by a larger number of people.

– Safety management is a relatively new concept. If someone had asked me fifteen years ago how our safety management has been organised, I would not have understood the question, says Söderlund and continues:

– An enhanced awareness of what can happen and what must be prepared for can even be a bit scary. On the other hand, documentation and drills enhance safety and help prepare for the worst.

The shift to the PRO24 system has made the maintenance and sharing of documents easier as regards lists of chemicals, for example, which are the same for each unit, because they all use the same substances. If the list is updated, the new information is immediately available to all units throughout Finland. It is easy to find the safety instructions prepared for the employees and the customers from the system.

“Direct and inspiring customer service”

Protect has appointed contact persons for Lapland Hotels. In Söderlund’s opinion, this has proven a very fruitful operating method, because these persons do their best to learn about the operations of the client company and to understand what they want and need from the system.

– For me, direct and inspiring customer service is their strength, says Söderlund.

The said contact persons also manage trainings related to the use of the system for the entire organisation. According to Söderlund, the trainers know how to make the use of the system inspiring, which has helped to take the system into use also at the grassroots level. Söderlund is happy with the system supplier.

– I have nothing negative to say. The result has always been good and operations quick. I recommend them!


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