PRO24 makes the necessary safety information easy to access at the Port of Kokkola


In terms of the traffic volume, the Port of Kokkola is the third busiest general-purpose harbour in Finland. Protect’s safety ERP system PRO24 makes the necessary information easily available to all harbour workers in one location. This enables the workers to focus on their core tasks, as no time is wasted searching for information.

Majority of the goods traffic at the Port of Kokkola consists of bulk cargo, raw materials, and concentrates.

– We also have regular container and transhipment traffic. The volume of transported liquid chemicals is still relatively high, says the development manager of the Port of Kokkola Jyrki Roukala.


PRO24 has freed our time resources, in particular

Protect and the Port of Kokkola have cooperated for around ten years. PRO24 is an overall system that includes a wide range of elements related to various levels of safety.

– PRO24 has freed our time resources, in particular, and reduced the amount of time used for the searching of information. All information is now stored in one place and is available to everyone in the same manner, says Roukala.

– I’ve heard a claim that people use, on average, 16% of their working time for the searching of information. I believe that PRO24 has enabled us to reduce the amount of time used for the searching of information when all information can be found in one location, says Roukala.

In addition to collecting all information in one place, PRO24 also makes information easy to share. This supports the internal communication of the port.

–  This is a concrete and easy means to convey and share information, says Roukala.

From a customer relationship into a partnership

According to Roukala, the cooperation between Protect and the Port of Kokkola started as a normal customer relationship. Over the years, the cooperation has developed into a diverse partnership.

– We have taken significant steps towards a partnership, says Roukala.

– PRO24 requires continuous communication and development from us and will probably never be finished. This is more about continuous development that will continue far into the future, says Roukala.